Maui County Property Taxes

Property Taxes

Property Taxes are a residents investment in their county.  Every dollar payed in property taxes goes back to the community in which a property resides, and pays for vital services that are usually taken for granted.  Services like fire and police protection, street maintenance and lighting, water, sewer and refuse collection, recreational facilities and activities are all paid for by property taxes paid.

Maui County Property Taxes

In the county of Maui, the amount of property taxes paid by a home owner depends on the assessment value of the property which is determined by the Real Property Tax Division, and the tax rate which is determined by the Maui County Council.  Hawaii has some of the lowest property taxes in the nation which makes it very beneficial to investors and residents alike.

Real Property Tax Rates

At this time current real property tax rates per one thousand dollars of net taxable assessed valuation for each class of real property is set as follows:

  • Residential = $5.57 for Land $5.57 for Building
  • Apartment = $6.20 for Land $6.20 for Building
  • Commercial = $6.83 for Land $6.83 for Building
  • Industrial = $7.07 for Land $7.07 for Building
  • Agricultural = $5.86 for Land $5.86 for Building
  • Conservation = $6.06 for Land $6.06 for Building
  • Hotel and Resort = $9.11 for Land $9.11 for Building
  • Homeowner = $2.78 for Land $2.78 for Building
  • Time Share = $15.07 for Land $15.07 for Building
  • Commercial Residential = $4.46 for Land $4.46 for Building

These numbers are subject to change.

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